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Trafficked To Hell
In the heart of the desert is a city of skyscrapers and unbelievable wealth, but beneath its glossy surface lies the misery of sex trafficking, violence and ruined lives.  A brutal world Elena willingly enters to  rescue  her  daughter,  placing herself  in jeopardy and risking everything  for a mother’s love.
The Novel
Kristina   travels   thousands   of   miles   for   the   job   of   her   dreams,   only   to   find that   she   has   been   betrayed.   Trapped   and   forced   to   work   as   a   prostitute;   under constant   fear   of   a   brutal   assault   from   Ponytail   Ari,   a   vicious   man   employed   to keep   the   girls   in   line,   she   finds   herself   alone,   lost   and   helpless   in   this   strange land. When   all   official   enquiries   to   find   Kristina   come   to   nought,   her   mother, Elena,   who   has   borrowed   money   beyond   her   means   to   send   Kristina   out, determines to find her and ends up in the hands of the traffickers herself. Nikki,   a   hardened   con   artist   and   streetwise   prostitute   arrives   in   Almina   to start   a   new   life   and   make   money.   She   befriends   Elena   and   together   they   take on the traffickers with consequences neither expected or were prepared for...... BTW…… Human Trafficking is said to be the second biggest International crime after the drugs trade and has an annual value of 31.6 billion US Dollars. An International Labour Organization report states that 2.5 million people are victims of human trafficking each year with 1.4 million of these being for sexual purposes.  These victims are mostly women. To put this into perspective, it is equivalent to the entire female population of Albania or Jamaica being forced or coerced to leave and made to work overseas as prostitutes - each and every year.
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